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Connectfulness Practice

Feb 11, 2019

Welcome to the Connectfulness Practice Podcast. Here we settle in to the murky, tangled, and freaking hard parts of life to restore our relationship with the self, so it can ripple out to the people we love, the work we do, and the world around us.

We can’t fix what’s wrong if we can’t talk about it. We can’t move the conversation forward if we’re not willing to be real about where we are now. And unless we push the edges of what it means to connect, nothing will ever change. I’m your host, Rebecca Wong. Every month I invite a fabulous, big-thinking guest to join me to talk about what it means to be human together. We’ll have deep conversations about the big stuff –– life, love, and legacy –– and how you can foster connection for yourself. Let’s start to reconnect the world, one conversation at a time.


What to expect in future episodes:


  • We’ll be exploring how we talk to ourselves affect the world we live in and the relationships we have and stories we tell ourselves make up who we are how we show up in the world and how we continue to show up and the choices we make. They make up the biosphere, the air we breathe.
  • How to soften our own edges and create space for growth and intimacy.
  • I share a story about lobsters and how discomfort precedes growth, vulnerability, strength, confidence and intimacy..
  • I outline themes and topics we’ll be exploring in future episodes including the deep work of looking at ourselves in relationships, remembering who we are, exploring how do these ideas of who we are get formed, transgenerational trauma, epigenetics, neuroscience and creativity.
  • My vision is to create a community to learn together, you’re invited to join the connectfulness® community.
  • Expect new episodes to be released once-a-month.
  • Write me and let me know what you’re thinking about and want to hear in future episodes.